`Cool Pants' from Van Heusen

VAN HEUSEN has introduced in the market "Cool Pants," which is made using the "smart-fabric technology."

According to Raj Pillai, technical director of Outlast Technologies, the technology used by astronauts of the National Aeronautic and Space Administration of the U.S. to cope with extreme temperatures in space has been adopted to make the product.

"The Cool Pants fabric is treated at a molecular level to enable trousers to absorb coolness from the atmosphere or an air conditioner. When a person steps out into a warmer environment, the trousers release the coolness," Mr. Pillai said.

Polystyrene is specially designed and coated on the trousers, which are costlier than other Van Heusen trousers by Rs. 200 to Rs. 300, he added.

By Vidyashree Amaresh

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