Consumer fury

The saying goes that `Earlier the consumer was the king, now he is the dictator'.

The KSEB officials at the Girinagar electrical major section got a first-hand taste of the fury of customers, on Saturday. They must never in their remotest dreams have imagined that consumers would react en masse, and that too so furiously.

Fed up with power supply disruption for over 10 hours, in three phases (including the daily load-shedding), the residents contacted the office, to enquire the matter. And they reportedly got a rude reply from the staff there. Not only that, the telephone was `continuously engaged'.

Residents of Girinagar, Kadavanthara, Elamkulam and Chilavanoor Road congregated at the power board office, to get a `first-hand-account' of the situation, unable to face the fury of mosquitoes and the sweltering heat. Alarmed at this, and unable to give a convincing reply for the third power shutdown of the day, the employees were in a state of siege. The police arrived in no time, but the residents would not go unless power supply was restored.

Reports say that they left the place at around 3 a.m. when the lights in the locality turned on. Things would perhaps not have gone out of hand had the staff responded positively early on.

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