Conservative yet stylish designs

A model showing off Namrata's creation.

A model showing off Namrata's creation.  

THE TERMS, "Trendy" and "Conservative" don't go together or at least we think so. When you say, "Oh, she is very conservative!" you mean, "She is not fashionable enough." You'd probably laugh at the person who would say "I am conservative as well as stylish at my work."

But wait till you know who the person is and then you'd think twice before laughing at her. Not many fashion lovers would be ignorant of Namrata G., a fashion designer, stylist and fashion columnist, who believes in being conservative yet stylish.

"My clothes don't have much of leather and skin. I believe that women can look pretty without showing much of their body and I design clothes accordingly," she says.

With over 10 years' experience in the field of fashion, Namrata feels it has been a good tenure for her till now. "Although there were initial inhibitions, I did not face much resistance from conservative people," she says.

Although a management graduate from Symbiosis, Pune, what forced her to take up a different profession was the creativity involved in fashion designing, she says. So, what according to her is a fashion statement?

"Fashion is all about style and trend. Many people tend to confuse fashion for style. I believe that style is different from fashion. Style is regarding how you carry yourself and portrayal of your personality while fashion is more associated with the trend. You may not be fashionable but if you have the style, you can definitely look good. But being fashionable without style makes you look stupid," Namrata says.

This talented designer recently held a display of the ensembles designed by her at Spinn-the Chic Bar. The show gained the attention of fashion lovers.

Talking about her designs for the show, Namrata said, "We displayed romantic, pretty clothes for both men and women. It is basically a collection of social and club wear that can be worn by anyone. They are not for any particular occasion."

By Raghava M.

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