Coming together once again

KAMAL AND Madhavan are teaming up once again, after `Anbe Sivam'.

This time, Kamal plays the producer and Madhavan the lead.

The film, `Nala Damayanti,' written by Kamal himself, will be directed by Mouli and shot in New Zealand over the next three months.

"It's a film he had written for himself, initially. But now, he thinks it's more appropriate that I play the role. It's a light romantic comedy, and he's keen to move to more serious roles," says Madhavan.

"It's very sad that legends are glorified only after their death. I think it's time we do something to recognise two of the greatest legends of Indian cinema, who are amidst us.

Kamal Hasan — who is in the league of the world's best actors.

Coming together once again

Look at him and you can't tell he's 50 — he's so fit.

And then we have a Mani Ratnam, whose name I take in the same breath as Spielberg. It's very unfortunate that `Kannathil Muthamittal' got only six Cinema Express awards," he adds.

Talking of `Anbe Sivam' that's releasing on Pongal, Madhavan believes it's his best role till date.

And what a bonus for him, when he's sharing frames with his idol, Kamal Hasan, himself.

By Sudhish Kamath

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