CM's favourities

WHILE WATCHING movies and listening to music has been her favourite past time, the Delhi Chief Minister, Sheila Dikshit, has a new crush these days. "I have a new love. Shah Rukh Khan is no longer my favourite. Now my new love is Aamir Khan who is a superb actor,'' she says.

Known to be a keen follower of both the Hollywood and Bollywood scene, Ms. Dikshit, apart from being at the helm of affairs in Delhi, is somehow disturbed by the stuff being churned out by Bollywood. In fact, `Devdas', which did reasonably well in India and abroad, has failed to impress her. "It is a horrible movie. I did not like it one bit. Shah Rukh did not come up to the mark,'' Ms. Dikshit says.

CM's favourities

As of now, she has been swept over by the magic of another Khan -- Aamir who is currently No. 1 in her book of favourite actors.

She was tremendously impressed by the good work and dedication that went into making of last year's big hit "Lagaan'' and since then has dumped "Shah Rukh `Baazigar' Khan'' and opted for ''Aamir `Baazi' Khan''.

It would take a lot of effort and something different for Shah Rukh to climb the popularity chart of the Chief Minister again.

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