Click your way into tinsel town

IF THERE is a will, there is a way. Of course, now, at the click of a mouse!

Yes, the internet has become an indispensable medium in every field. The web has caught the film world too, even for those who aspire to become an actor, actress, or to get a placement in any other department of the industry.

The, a city-based site, hosts the photo of aspirants supported by a profile, which will have details about the age, sex, marital status, colour complexion, colour of the eyes, hair, height, weight, etc., of the candidate.

For hosting photo and other details as per the general scheme, one should pay Rs.525 for a period of six months, which is the minimum offer, and Rs.1000 for a year. For musicians, singers, etc. the fee is Rs.2000 for six months and for a year the rate is Rs.3, 750.

As a special offer for Deepavali, the company now charges Rs.1250 for a year, Rs.750 for six months and Rs.250 for one month. "But, under the Deepavali offer, which will be live till October 31, a CD containing three photos and details about members of the site will be sent to a list of 20 leading personalities in the film world of different regions, which include Mani Ratnam, Keyaar, Raj Kamal International, Saatchi & Saatchi, etc. The responses from them will be sent to the members through the net or e-mail IDs offered by the", says Sriram, Chief Operating Officer,

"The fee can be remitted in person at the Universal Web Internet Browsing Centre, 2, Shantham Sundaram Complex, Nethaji Road, Madurai - 1 or at the site office operating from 12/3, Kambar Street, S.S. Colony", he says, adding, "right now we accept membership only for one year".

"The service of is not limited to film industry alone, as the site is also visited by members from other fields like TV industry, modelling and advertisement agencies. So, those, who could not make it to the celluloid world, will still stand a chance to win places in any of the other fields", says Mr. Sriram.

Besides, the site also provides information about requirements of various companies in Kollywood, Bollywood, and a few ad agencies based abroad.

Pointing out that a minimum of 1000 persons visit the site in a month, Mr. Sriram says, "for a new site like ours, this number is really encouraging and soon it will pick up fast".

Explaining the other features of the site, he says, "now we get more enquiries from Bombay, Kodambakkam and Malayalam film industry.

Most of the enquiries are for new faces for their acting departments. To browse such enquiries, there is a separate window — — in our site, which can be viewed only by paid members, using the member ID given by the company".

"The site was launched only in April. In an effort to popularise it, the company is negotiating with various associations and leading personalities of the field to use the site for their requirements. Similarly, talks are underway with many bigwigs for organising celebrity chat", says Mr. Sriram.

"The company has no commitment with regard to financial transactions between the members and those who book them", he says, adding, "the addresses and personal phone numbers will also be not given for security reasons".

"Actually, this site is 50 per cent business-minded and 50 per cent service-oriented", he says. "Even the fee charged for hosting purposes is mainly to meet the bandwidth charges as photos and audios are used", explains Mr. Sriram.

Two other sites promoted by the company are the, a dedicated site for humour and, a collection of hyper links in a complete home for you, which will have complete details about the country.

A prestigious site, launched by the company, is the, a site on the life of the late Chief Minister, according to Mr. Sriram.

So folks, to get an acting chance in the AVM Productions, Chennai or the RK Films, Mumbai, you need not hang around on the streets of Kodambakkam or gatecrash the studios, it is just a click of the mouse.

For further information, dial 0452-2601560.

From Aravindan M.R.

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