Classy Mercs

In a class of their own. — Photo: K. Gajendran

In a class of their own. — Photo: K. Gajendran  

Soft-looking and slim as a danseuse, yet with the power and speed of a cheetah. Whatever be the class - C, E, or S, -- it's a beauty that people will pull over to the side to have a second, more loving look.

It was something more appealing than long-legged, lissome damsels setting the catwalk on fire. These were beauties that generated interest. Hot interest that is, by the poolside, on Saturday evening. The one name that is synonymous with class. That's the Mercedes Benz for you.

The foyer of the ITC Kakatiya Sheraton, in the posh Begumpet, was full of Mercs in multiple hues, with lights reflecting off them, getting refracted into VIBGYOR.

They had real fancy numbers on them - 1111, 9999, 1234, 3456 et al. If those in the hall and around were the used ones, the four beauties at the poolside were new, fresh and gleaming, almost carrying the factory smell.

The CEO of the Mahavir Motors, the exclusive distributor of Mercedes Benz in A.P., Yashwant Jhabakh, the executive director, Diniyar Marshall, and the entire team were moving around with the guests, proudly showing off the newer of Mercs - E 240, C 200 Kompressor, ML 270 Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) and SLK 230 Kompressor.

A drink, soft or otherwise, in hand and mostly with a cigarette (some had cigars too), the guests lovingly peered into the interiors, went around the beauties, occasionally letting out a whistle of appreciation.

Needless to say, all the guests were those who could only be called `haves', but they did have a lot of doubts. For a wee bit of intro to the lovely, sleek, machines on display, all of them come with automatic transmission with the latest `triptronic' feature, rain and sun sensors and fenders of cushioned bumpers, which do not crack on marginal impact - ideal here. No need to fear the dreaded Hyderabadi autorickshaw wallah.

These apart, the indicators are of fibre plastic, again crush-proof up to a certain extent. The dark blue SLK 230 Kompressor was simply put, `WOW'. Priced at Rs. 36 lakhs upwards, the convertible has a turbo-charged, 2300 CC engine and a hardtop that zips into position in 25 seconds flat and goes back as fast to let the wind into your hair.

The golden beige, ML 270 SUV, that seats either five or seven people, costs just Rs. 42 lakhs and more.

A thing of beauty is joy forever! The easiest way to describe a `Merc'.

By Suresh Krishnamoorthy

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