Circus show

AN AURA surrounding the Rajkamal Circus in the Temple City has suddenly taken an upsurge.

Its stock has phenomenally increased here as is revealed by thronging crowds, which enthusiastically provide a silver lining to this beleaguered industry.

Despite a ban imposed on certain wild species, this circus company has managed to ward off the challenge. It has, in fact, lightened the impact through widening the range of performances.

Since the show extends to over two hours of breath-taking pyrotechnics, including a few dangerous ones requiring absolute concentration, the children draw enough inspiration to be courageous, say circus goers.

The children are, apparently, more impressed by the performance of artistes in their peer group. The heavy bookings, in view of the vacation time, apart, this company has another reason of higher magnitude to feel elated.

Since it is the only circus company from India to be chosen for the international circus competition, in Moscow, during 2003, says its Manager, Pramod.

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