Chimes of love

Love on a cassette.

Love on a cassette.  

WOULDN'T YOU love to serenade a person with whom you share a special relationship? It would be even better if you'd composed your own music, and thought up the lyrics as well... with words and tune flowing together in perfect harmony... just like the two of you get along!

Now a group of students have done more or less that. Well, they didn't really go out with guitars, violins and keyboards one night and sing beneath the upstairs window in the time-honoured manner.

Instead, they got busy in a state-of-the-art sound studio and recorded everything on a music cassette... and brought out the album on a audio compact disc as well.

``Chimes'' is a collection of love songs in both English and Tamil... with a bit of instrumental fusion music as well... to set the scene if you want to hit the dance floor.

Would you believe it? Students from SAE Technology College are responsible for most of the stuff on the album: Music composition, lyrics and sound engineering.

Incidentally, SAE offers an International Diploma in Multi-media Production Engineering, Digital Film-making and Audio Engineering.

Here's what Rathish Babu, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), SAE Technology College, had to say about the V-Day release: "Our students at SAE are career aspirants in the field of music direction, sound engineering and film-making. We're always scouting for opportunities to showcase their talent and encourage them in their endeavour.''

He says that the response to the audio album has been "very encouraging''. Understandably, they now have plans to release another album soon, and do a music video as well. "We are also exploring the possibility of releasing the album commercially, in association with a music company,'' he added.

Before we go any further, here's a list of the songs they've got on "Chimes'': "I Love You, Baby'', sung by Srinivas with music by Ganesh Vaidyanathan, lyrics by Kathalmathi and backing vocals by Chirantan Bhatt.

``Idhayam Tholaindhu...'', sung by Prem, with music by Prem and Tarun, with lyrics by Prem, and sound engineering by Prem, Tarun and Henry.

Then there's "Hey Iravaa, Pagala...'' by Unnikrishnan and Bombay Jayashree, with music by Ganesh Vaidyanathan and lyrics by Kathalmathi.

Finally, there's "Fusion Music: Her smile took me off.'' Sound engineering by Henry Kuruvilla and Tarun.

Ganesh Vaidyanathan had this to say: "Instead of presenting a mundane gift to our Valentine, we thought of creating something of our own, which would be different and original, and which would also give us an opportunity to evaluate our own skills in the field which we are so keenly pursuing.''

Keen on listening to it all? Snail mail: SAE Technology College, Second Floor, Srivari Gokul Towers (near Hotel Annalakshmi), 108, Race Course, Coimbatore-641018. Ring: 218513 or 218514. E-mail: "''

By A.A. Michael Raj

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