Chidren's President

THE PRESIDENT A.P.J. Abdul Kalam's love for children is only too wellknown. From the time he was sworn-in as President, wherever he goes, Dr. Kalam has made it a point to interact with children directly. He also grants separate audiences to boys and girls. Not just that.

In a recent instance, to a girl studying in a city school, the President has sent a message of `love and guidance'.

The child, R. Nishitha who has just completed first standard in the DAV Public School, Velachery, shot off a letter to the President, when she came to know that her birthday - October 15 - also happened to be the birthday of the First Citizen of the country.

Conveying this piece of information to Dr. Kalam, she wrote that she also wanted to become a scientist.

The President, known for his unconventional ways, chose to send a personal reply directly to the child. He thanked Nishitha for her `beautiful letter' and expressed happiness over the coincidence. Then, the advice came. "Study well and achieve excellence and be a good student."

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