Charming spell

"SREE ANJANEYAM" means everything to me. It has given me the strength and confidence to face the world. I may be a die-hard fan of the Big B but I am also god-fearing and a firm believer in destiny."

Strange these words may sound, coming from a glamorous tinseltown personality. Chaarmy is all beauty and brains too. All of six movies' old -- four in Tamil and one each in Malayalam and Telugu - Chaarmy says it was Krishna Vamsee's `Sree Anjaneyam' which opened her eyes to the world.

How did it all start? This bubbly lass was good at science and wanted to be a scientist. But that did not happen. But Chaarmy continued being a very unscientist-like student through school and college. Well, when was that? "No, I am not falling into that trap!" Chaarmy chuckles.

Anyway, suffice it to say that as a 10-year-old, she was jealous of Karisma Kapoor because she was running around trees with the `Virar ka chokra' Govinda in tow. By the way this Punjabi `kudi,' born and bred in Mumbai, lives just one stop away from Virar, in Vasai, on the western line. "But I am an all-time, never-say-die fan of Amitabh Bachchan," she says, as if she wanted discussion on the topic to stop and move on to the next.

If she could have her way, everything in the world around her would be lavender. "Except when I do not have a say in my costumes, I am all swathed in lavendar," she drools. Apparent it was, considering she was wearing heart-shaped plastic ear-rings and a short-sleeved top, of course, in great lavender.

Coming to food, she is an out-and-out non-vegetarian who has fallen prey to the idli-sambar charm in the past three years that she has been in and out of the south.

A music lover, Chaarmy says she listens to different songs depending on her mood. Very understandable, except that her favourites are Lionel Richie's `Hello' and Stevie Wonder's `I just called to say I love you.' Her favourite movie is Drew Barrymore's `Never been kissed.'

Like most starry dreamers or dreamy stars, she has a dream role, in fact, roles in mind. "I want to portray 11 different roles in one single film, no matter how brief they are," she rattles. She loves Kamal Haasan and his films. When it comes to Telugu films, Maheshbabu's `Murari' floors her. Shades of Krishna Vamsee and his influence on this `Paddu!'