Charity, Indian style

BILL GATES is finally looking to India for "soft" ware. While it might not be the kind that computer geeks are usually used to interpreting, it has all the right components to get employees motivated.

Moving from the art of monopoly to the art of living, Microsoft employees are getting a lesson in charity the Indian way. Having discovered their interests with a more than a little help from Art of Living Foundation's guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Bill's employees are giving back to the community by training the underprivileged to be self-reliant through technology.

Unlike Bill and Melinda who are trying to make a difference in the third world, their employees seem to be focussing on solving the problems of the unemployed in Seattle. However, it seems that Microsoft is not the only company which has discovered the benefits of mediation. While Madonna has discovered the spiritual side of yoga years ago, the Art of Living is India's latest import to America, which seems to have started a trend. And with companies shifting to a more peaceful way to work, it seems like a good option. However, Bill doesn't seem like the only `enlightened' employers. With many `desi' technology companies like Hughes Software System also using Ravi Shankar's brand of software, it seems that ancient wisdom has found a niche in the new age world.

"We have been conducting Art of Living workshops for all our employees for years. It helps them find themselves, their areas of interest as well as make them more confident," claims senior manager corporate marketing Hughes Software System, Jay Vikram Bakshi.

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