Chandrababu, finish the game

Surely, Chandrababu Naidu does not need our help to survive the dreary moments of convalescence. By now his backroom computer boys must have rigged up the latest 3D game for him. I can visualize Naidu, reclined on his virtual reality chair and peering at a 21 inch TFT screen, one arm in a sling, the other furiously turning the joystick -- manoeuvring his namesake superhero, Nara Naidu (a male Lara Croft) through a maze of mines and explosives planted in his path by assorted extremists and terrorists.

And where is Nara Naidu headed? No, not in search of the holy grail; his mission is to carry the holy `vastra' safely to the temple on the hill. The baddies want to stop him with their explosives. But Nara Naidu has a variety of e-weapons to eliminate them, including one that asphyxiates them with e-smoke. And he wins his battles most of the time -- except when distracted by a couple of playfully naughty beings called Whyessaar and Kayseeaar. Will Nara Naidu reach the temple safely with the `vastra'? That will depend on Chandrababu Naidu's gaming skill. I can see him easily completing level one of the game. But will he be as successful with level two, when the height of the hill, the intensity of the explosives, and the distraction level of Whyessaar and Kayseeaar all increase? Let's wait for Chandrababu to finish his game.

C.V. Geetha, Hyderabad