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EXPERIENCE IT: Film viewing couldn't have got any better.

EXPERIENCE IT: Film viewing couldn't have got any better.  

CACOPHONOUS crowd, serpentine queues and the chaos created by fans in the theatre, sometimes pleasure of watching a movie in cinema hall turns into a pain. That is when a feeling of bringing the theatre to our very own home crosses the mind.

Sometimes, ideas surprisingly turn into realities and the idea of bringing the cinema to home is now in fact a reality. `Cinema at Home-CATH,' the new concept of Phillips, will make the discerning film lovers to experience the theatre in their living room.

Launched recently, the CATH package comes with the most advanced projector system complete with a DVD player and complemented by state-of-the-art surround sound speakers, amplifier system with 600 watts RMS of Dolby Digital, DTS sound and a large motorized screen for larger than life image. The whole system is operated by a computerised, touch screen, programmable universal remote. Don't worry about the size of your home since it has a got a customised screen and can be changed according to the needs. "We promise to bring cinematic experience in the comfort of living rooms though CATH," says Ankan Biswas, general manager, Consumer Electronics, Phillips.

CATH is not just about movies, the young in the family can watch Sachin playing in front of them on the large cinema scope screen and so do the house-makers their favourite soaps. "It has exciting applications like watching cable television, playing interactive video games and hooking it to computer for business applications''.

This modern gadget is available in three different varies with a projector that comes with 6,000 hours of lamplight. But this quality concept comes at a price - ranging from Rs. 1.95 lakhs to Rs. 2.75 lakhs.

By Ravikanth Reddy R

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