Catapult yourself for fun

Jumping for joy

Jumping for joy  

BANGALOREANS HAVE never lacked the spirit of adventure. Enhancing this spirit was the Mountain Dew Xtreme Zone Sports Carnival launched last week.

The month-long adventure sports extravaganza will have bungee jumping, trampoline catapult, hot air ballooning, wall climbing, and obstacle courses. The former City Police Commissoner, H.T. Sangliana, inaugurated the event.

Bungee jumping is a modernised version of an ancient rite of manhood performed in the South Pacific islands. Young men jumped from specially constructed bamboo towers with vines attached to their ankles to break their fall. The bungee jumpers now use special harnesses and strong elastic cords.

The system being used here has been imported from Germany and tested for tensile strength. A crane will pick up harnessed jumpers from the ground and take them to the maximum height and let them experience a free fall.

The trampoline catapult is one of the most exciting attractions available at the moment. It fascinates adults and children alike and allows even those with no experience unlimited jumps up to 33 feet with no risk. Even those with physical disabilities can use it.

You are harnessed and tied by elastic chords, similar to a bungee chord, which is connected to poles. You get the "upper thrust" from the trampoline and the chord starts pulling you up and down. The more the "upper thrust", the higher and wider you swing in all directions. A participant can catapult for a maximum of 10 minutes.

Originally, rock climbing was possible only outdoors and turned out to be very expensive. A couple of Frenchmen tried to overcome this and were successful in creating an artificial rock which later evolved commercially.

Today, artificial rock climbing can be as exciting as the outdoor one. Various routes are set according to the skill of the participants.

The objective is to use optimal routes to the top. Each participant is given 10 to 15 minutes to climb. You can plant a flag up there if you want!

The army obstacle drill can even become a great party game. Pulling out a stopwatch and trying your skills is fun but will also test your endurance and physical fitness.

The obstacle drill consists of a burma bridge, spider web, tarzan swing, monkey crawl, tyre pass and more.

The idea is to provide everybody an opportunity to do what soldiers and actors are seen doing on television. Though the whole drill looks simple, it tests one's physical fitness.

The Mountain Dew officials tell us that all safety precautions have been taken.

For the bungee jumping, every participant is checked thrice for harnessing and rope connections. "It's safer than driving on Indian roads'' they say.

Trampoline catapult is equally safe and in case the elastic chord snaps, the participant lands on the trampoline.

For the rock climbing, the participant is connected to an instructor through a rope and the instructor has control over the wall.

Once the participant reaches the top, he or she is rappelled down using a relay system. The process is under the control of the instructor.

By Satyamurty K

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