Casual wear for a `cool' summer

Cosy shirts

Cosy shirts  

SWELTERING HEAT and clammy weather can at times really put you off. Hence it hardly comes as a surprise that hill stations are the most preferred destination for those looking for an easy means to escape the summer. But then not everyone has the means or the time to head for a retreat, so how are you going to beat the heat?

The next best way is to get yourself garbed in a mix of exciting casuals or formals that really help you breathe easy. Genesis & Basics has come out with a range of summer collection.

And as part of the collection is the usual `corporate checks', crafted by cutting fine hundred per cent cotton, and superfine-yarn dyed fabrics diagonally across the weave. This not only makes the checks go "cross'', but also renders more "effect'' at various pressure points of the dress.

These are available in six exciting colours, Irish, Cinnabar, Silver Lake, Ultra Marine, Cardinal and Scarlet. For men, shirts in light shades are crafted from fine long staple yarn. For those wanting something more bright, there are colours like orange, green, and lemon. The Basics Diet Chinos fabrics are light, half the weight of regular cotton chinos and are `breathe easy' garments. The quality of the trousers has been improved using a technology called Super Soft Phase. A cent per cent wrinkle free garment, you'll look like as though you have just stepped out of the house, even after a couple of laps on the go-karting circuit.

The `non-iron' polynosic shirts that are available in seven stunning colours are just the perfect outfit for a pool party. In the textured shirts, the yarns are made to pass through loops, or modified to create a different surface texture.

Available in bright summer colours in a texture called `rib stop dobby', these shirts look great just about anywhere, be it at a Saturday matinee show, picnics or an afternoon outing, or just chilling out with your gang.

Keeping intact the incomparable qualities of silkiness, and the ability to keep the body cool, it offers fascinating range of linen shirts. Corduroy, like all cotton fabrics, easily disperses body heat and provides relief from the simmering heat. Corduroys with flat fronts are available in Italian plum, Cypress, Sand and Carbon.

By Vidyashree Dharmaraj

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