Capping it all

Activists of the BJP with the made-easy cap.

Activists of the BJP with the made-easy cap.  

WITH THE poll campaign coming to a close on Saturday evening, activists of all parties heaved a sigh of relief. Everyone was happy that it finally got over.

There are hundred reasons for the success of their month-long campaign under the sun on the baked roads. Capping it all is the cap protecting their head. Can you imagine a joyful, yet vigorous canvassing by activists right from dawn with the mercury soaring every passing minute?

The very thought would have created a feeling of exhaustion, fatigue and sweeping boredom in many, but for the vital shield distributed by leaders to protect their head. Not a helmet or a faceguard would do as workers are not venturing out into the battlefield.

It is the common cap. Yes, it was with this `protective guard' that many went on with the canvassing and in its absence, gave in to the heat and swooned. All the parties have liberally distributed caps to their workers spearheading the hectic campaign with twin objectives.

One, to gain that extra mileage of `visibility' by getting their party symbols printed on the caps. And two, to see that the weary workers do not desert the campaign and settle down under the shade of a tree. Not only partymen, the `cap sop' was also targeted at the summer-stricken common public.

The caps are representatives of the true colours of the political parties. While BJP caps had saffron as the base colour, indicative of its ideology, the TDP caps had a heavy tinge of the `auspicious' yellow. That of the Congress had white in the front, saffron and green on the two sides, reflecting its party flag. No doubt then that the cadres get 'inspired' by merely wearing the caps and right away get into the drum up mode.

It is now rest time for the caps on Sunday. For too long, the public had to bear the `topi' planted firmly by their leaders on their heads. Is it not time for them now to exercise their franchise and pay the netas back in the same coin?

By Rangarajan A.D. in Tirupati

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