Cabinet reshuffle

With a reshuffle of the Union Cabinet round the corner, the question doing the rounds in Railway circles in the State is whether the Union Minister of State for Urban Development, O. Rajagopal, will return to the Railway Ministry?

Though not representing the State, it was during the tenure of Mr. Rajagopal as the Minister of State of Railways that the complaint of neglect meted out to the State by the Railways for four decades was addressed to some extent.

As the Minister of State, the BJP leader was instrumental in introducing more trains and taking steps for development projects such as second entry for Thiruvananthapuram Central and sanctioning the second terminal for the capital. Mr. Rajagopal even handpicked C. K. Sharma from Calcutta as the Divisional Railway Manager of Thiruvananthapuram to get things done his way.

Once Mr. Rajagopal was shifted from the ministry, Mr. Sharma too sought transfer to his home town and has returned handing over charge to the Additional Divisional Manager. The grapevine is that many are not keen in taking up the top post of the Railway Division as they fear that Mr. Rajagopal will return back to the ministry. The grapevine is that some senior officials have already sought transfer from the division.

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