By the skin of her teeth

FIRST IMPRESSION: an 11-year-old girl. Revised impression: a little powerhouse.

Apsara, a sixth standard student is making an attempt to achieve a feat, which was not hitherto attempted by girls of her age. On September 13, she is going to drag a van and a mini bus on the service road, behind Gandhi Statue. Apart from the impressiveness of this task, here is another addition: a rope will be tied to the vehicle, which she will hold in her mouth. She will drag the vehicle for a few yards.

During the past two months, she trained herself to pull an autorickshaw with seven passengers. Her next attempt was to haul a van, which she completed without any problem. She is now planning to drag a van and a mini bus to enter into the Lima Book of Records and Guinness Book of World Records, says P. Devaraj, her uncle, who encouraged the girl to learn boxing.

Interestingly, the girl is not following any special diet pattern, says her boxing coach, Stephen. "A variety of vegetables and fruits form the major part of her diet. Very rarely she takes non-vegetarian food", says Mr. Devaraj.

As far as daily workouts go, Apsara has to spare one hour in the morning and an equal span of time in the evening for doing special exercises for the neck and chin. Besides this, she has to train her heels to achieve a balance, says Secretary of Tamil Nadu State Amateur Boxing Association, A.K. Karuna Karan.

A few weeks ago, she demonstrated her strength at the Marina and no wonder; she received a lot of encouragement from onlookers.

Already Apsara has won an exhibition bout about a couple of months ago and she is very confident about achieving her goal. With a soft voice, the girl clearly says "with support and encouragement from my uncle, coach and others, I will certainly make it to both the Limca Book and the Guiness Book of World Records".

By Oppili P

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