BV nama: three-in-a-row

``CHEBUTHUNNA VINANDI. Mucchataga moodosaari mukhyamantri avuthaaru mana Chandrababu Naidu. Time 11:15 a.m. Date September 27, 2004.'' Thus spake none other than palmist and Minister for Municipal Administration, B.V. Mohan Reddy. At the TDP executive meeting on Tuesday, Reddy confidently predicted that the party would romp home with a haul of 218 seats. "here will be good rain in September. Let's all work hard. We will win hands down," he declared.

Sounds fantastic or unreal? Probably. But, one can't just brush aside `BV.' As early as in late '70s when BV was not even in politics, he had told media friends in Kurnool he would become a Minister. Sure he became, six years later!

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