Building education centres

Marking a new beginning.

Marking a new beginning.  

TO BRING about a hundred per cent literacy, would be a dream come true for most State Governments. But then to increase the literacy rate even to a substantial level would require a drastic change in the mindset of the masses.

In this regard, the assistance rendered by several non-governmental organisations in collecting funds and putting together resources for the construction of schools in remote areas, something impossible for educational institutions, is worthy of admiration.

The Coimbatore Penta Round Table 101 recently constructed a school block comprising of three classrooms for Rs. 5.5 lakhs at the Chinnampalayam High School, which was inaugurated by the Project officer of the District Rural Development Agency, P. Jeyabalakrishnan. The classrooms were built under the State-sponsored Rural Self Sufficiency Scheme. According to Incoming National Project convener, Mahesh Ahuja, "these classrooms can accommodate computers and laboratory facilities. This will later be upgraded into a higher secondary school.''

By Vidyashree Dharmaraj

in Coimbatore

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