Bubbling with enthusiasm

Trying his hand.

Trying his hand.  

EXCELLENCE CANNOT be evaluated in isolation. Hence, the Interact Club of the Vikaasa School in the city has been organising youth festivals over the years, creating a carnival-like atmosphere on the campus.

As usual, the 26th annual youth festival was meant to bring the best out of the participating teams from 28 schools. The bubbling minds and agile movements of the kids all through the recent celebration said it all.

A table was all that was required for an innovative student to provide the background score for a Tamil number from Indian.

A touchstone is set every year, and it becomes a basis for the students' performance in the subsequent year. The students were buoyed as the school director, K. Joseph Zachariah, shared their enthusiasm.

There were competitions the students were familiar with, and they included choreography, quiz, and dumb charades.

This year's highlight was `Encounter 2k3', in which the students are required to enact two personalities who belonged to a different realm and time altogether. The participants were also expected to come out of the situation of culture-clash unscathed. And almost all participating teams did it with �lan.

Some provoked thoughts and some brought out instant laughter. But, by and large, the students could make out the purpose behind the competition, said A.K. Sreenivas, convenor.

Every year, the event is left to the Standard XI students to handle, "to initiate them into responsibility and inculcate a sense of leadership," said a teacher.

From Krishnamoorthy R.

Photo: K. Ganesan

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