Bring them up right

The depressingly high rate of suicides in Kerala shows the loneliness experienced by many in our midst. One's immediate family is the source of love and this unit must spread its care and understanding together with its unspoken vows of unity among its members. When a student resorts to suicide after failing an examination, it is obvious that his family has inculcated the belief in him that academic excellence is the only thing that matters in life and that there is no compromise. It is as if family love and support are solely based on his achievement and not on who he is. We as a society need to recognise individuals for what they are and not as what we want them to be. A lot depends upon how parents bring up their children. In any frustrating moment, one needs to have the faith that his family will support him. This faith could in many instances deter him from that bottle of poison.

Sathia Menon Thrissur

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