Big Matrix revolution

Everything that has a beginning has an end. Everything that ends has a beginning. Where is this going? Where will it end? These are highly philosophical, yet pertinent questions that seek to unwrap the matrix of life. But to an average Hyderabadi, the answer is simple. The Matrix has gone hi-tech, becoming bigger in size this time and comes in the world's largest film format with unparalleled image and sound quality of the IMAX experience.

Unspooled at the Prasad's IMAX theatre, special effects virtuosos Wachowski Brothers' last of the Matrix trilogy, `The Matrix Revolutions' marks the first-ever simultaneous release of an action film in the 35 mm and the IMAX formats! The film is being screened in both the formats at Prasads too!

"The film will be screened on the large screens with crystal clear images and a six-channel audio system pumping out 12,000 watts of pure digital sound. This is one incredible format," enthused Ramesh Prasad, Chairman, Prasads, the Shanghai-based Don Savant, vice-president and General Manager, Asia Pacific, IMAX, and Jim Patterson, vice-president, Sales, IMAX, who operates from Bangkok.

Till date, only four live-action films have been digitally re-mastered into the IMAX format - Apollo 13, Star Wars: Episode II attack of the clones, The Matrix Reloaded and now, The Matrix Revolutions.

Behind those grand visuals and epic action unfolding on the giant screen lies painstaking work. Each frame of the film is scanned at the highest resolution possible and converted into digital images. The images are made sharper than in the original and colours are adjusted to suit the unique, technically superior characteristics of the IMAX screen. The re-mastered film is then transferred onto what is the world's largest film format - 15-perforations 70mm! The original sound track too is recreated.

Surely, everything that ends has a beginning! The end of the Matrix trilogy (or is it?) could well mark the journey of cinematic experience to greater heights! Literally. For the ordinary viewers with an eye on their Friday film diet, there is the big picture out there. The show goes on and the big images linger on. Can't you smell the cookies being baked in Oracle's kitchen and rain lashing down on the huge screen in the film's climax?

Indeed, a revolution in film viewing.

By Madhav K V S