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Enabling special people - Kamal launches the Exnora idea of a mobile bookstore to help the disabled.

Enabling special people - Kamal launches the Exnora idea of a mobile bookstore to help the disabled.  

THERE WERE some amazing co-incidences between the state of affairs of the State and Kamal Hasan's birthday speech at Kamaraj Arangam when he addressed his fans under the umbrella of Kamal Hasan Narpanni Iyakkam on Thursday. Amazing.

For, he advised mediapersons to ask experts like M.S. Swaminathan and M.S. Udayamurthy about issues like linking of rivers and Supreme Court verdict instead of asking actors such as him, who aren't qualified or have no authority to speak on such issues. "Ask us what we know. For quality matters and opinions, ask quality people... the experts." He also requested the media not to think that he was lashing out against `his friend' on the issue. Well, who could that be?

For, he told his fans to stay clear of supporting issues that had political overtones. "We have embarked upon a mission, a journey or reforms and we do not need political or spiritual vehicles for these. We will walk it all by ourselves through the stones and the thorns."

For, Kamal Hasan did not name anyone but said that 15 crores was an amount that he as an individual could have never given considering his earnings and tax deductions but had successfully mobilised as many small contributions as a part of the Kamal Hasan Narpanni Iyakkam — money that would be used for development. For, on being called an atheist, (as compared to... well, who could it be?) all he had to say apart from reeling out a line from `Anbe Sivam' was: "I do believe in God. There is God in me. There is God in you. There is God in your deeds. Don't look beyond you. You can do it."

For, M.S. Udayamurthy on whom his film `Unnal Mudiyum Thambi' was based, one of the first promoters of the idea of interlinking of rivers, was invited for special felicitations on the occasion of his birthday.

During the function, Saraswathi Ramanathan was awarded the Annai Rajalakshmi Literary Award and A. Gunasekaran was awarded the Thyagi Srinivasan Social Service Award on the occasion. Nasser, one of Kamal's biggest critics applauded the effort of fan clubs spending time and doing development work constructively.

Just a few hours before that, Kamal had inaugurated a `mobile knowledge shop', a portable book shop designed by the Exnora founder chairman, M.B. Nirmal, to help create employment opportunities among people with disabilities. These mobile bookstores were given away to 10 beneficiaries. For starters, 35 youths will be provided with the kit.

In his next film, Kamal Hasan announced, he would be acting as a person with a physical disability.

By Sudhish Kamath Saptarshi Bhattacharya

Photo: K.V. Srinivasan

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