Bands of love for the loved ones

A school student ties Suraksha Bandhan band to a senior citizen.

A school student ties Suraksha Bandhan band to a senior citizen.  

IF BRIDGING the generation gap is what makes relationships long-lasting, then the Wockhardt Suraksha Bandhan Day was bang on target. In a touching ceremony, 1,500 students of the Baldwin Boys' High School tied Suraksha Bandhan bands on their grandparents' wrists and took a pledge to stand by their elders.

Here's what the school principal, Mohan Murthy, had to say: "As educators, we must inculcate in our students a philosophy of living in which they respect their elders and see them as an important resource.

Events such as Suraksha Bandhan School Day are a powerful influence on the children of today, teaching them the value systems of respect and compassion for the elderly."

Started on October 2, the Suraksha Bandhan movement has covered over 8,000 children and senior citizens at various schools, colleges, and senior citizen associations throughout the country. The primary focus of the Wockhardt Suraksha Bandhan programme is to develop and implement creative programmes and activities, say the school officials.

"Activities that foster a spirit of commitment to the elders by youngsters and that create bonding in the community." For the new age couples all out to get their parents admitted to old age homes, this could be an eye-opener. In an age when the elderly are taken to huge congregations and abandoned in the teeming crowds, the children who tied the Suraksha Bandhans stand as beacons of hope.

By Rasheed Kappan

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