Baht achcha!

The reverse side of the note shows the King with members of the royal family.

The reverse side of the note shows the King with members of the royal family.  

A large, square, multi-colour currency note - perhaps, the only one of its kind in the world - issued by the Government of Thailand has been acquired by a city philatelist, D. Satyabuddhu, who is an employee of the Visakhapatnam Port Trust.

This rare 60 baht note, with each side measuring 16 cm., was issued in 1987 to mark the 61st birthday of the country's present ruler, Bhoomibol Adulyadej, who had ascended the throne in 1950 as King Rama IX of the Chakkri dynasty.

The obverse of the currency note shows the King seated on the throne, with his victory crown at left and the royal regalia at right.

The picture of the King with members of the entire royal family is on the reverse.

``Though the Thais faith is Buddhism, they have luxuriant love for the Ramayana. In fact, the founder of the Chakkri dynasty in 1782 assumed the title King Rama I. The capital of the original Thai kingdom, Sukhothai, was called Ayuthhaya, a variation of Ayodhya,'' says Satyabuddhu.

Also a numismatist, he has a vast collection of stamps and coins from almost all countries, and his name figures in the Limca Book of Records.

He will be displaying his collection at the three-day national numismatic exhibition, slated to open in Nagpur on September 24, as an adjunct to the 88th annual conference of the Numismatic Society of India promoted by Banaras Hindu University.

Being an activist of the Youth Hostels' Association of India (YHAI), Sathyabuddhu is a regular participant in all the trekking expeditions conducted by it on Himalayan, Shivalik and other mountain ranges.

By Sampath R. in Visakhapatnam

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