Bad treatment of a good story

Ajju (Kannada)

WHAT STARTS as friendship between a boy and a girl culminates in love and what could have been a good film, thanks to the middling storyline, turns into another cinematic love affair complete with slack direction, poor acting, ill-timed songs and raucous music.

Ajju, whose release was delayed by more than a month, finally hit the screen this week. As for the story, debutants Sriharsha and Ranjitha, who play the lead, are the chums who make others go green with envy. They are not just good friends but budding sportspersons.

While Sriharsha is the son of an "ordinary" clerk, Ranjitha is the daughter of the Superintendent of Police, Jayaram (Avinash). All is okay until Jayaram starts suspecting the two and vows to eliminate Sriharsha. He puts the entire police force behind the two, but Sriharsha manages to save his skin.

But Jayaram, assisted by a sadistic inspector, manages to implicate Sriharsha in a crime and the court sentences that he leave the district for a year. Meanwhile, Jayaram seeks a transfer to Bellary. But Sriharsha trails Ranjitha and the rest goes on predictable lines.

Sriharsha does nothing other than beating the baddies to pulp while it would do good if Ranjitha takes a refresher course in acting. She looks ordinary on the screen.

But Ajju proves one thing. A bad movie will never sell, even in the absence of competition.

Santosh C.

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