Back with a mission

BANGALORE IS ``back home'' for Sunny Kulathakal, the Bahrain-based Indian journalist.

This holiday is different for him. he has not only brought Bahraini friends to visit but is also helping promising young men from that country to study here.

Sunny is on a mission. To help those unfortunate workers from India -- mostly from the South -- who went to the Gulf with promises and dreams in plenty but found the reality bitter. ''There are thousands of Indian workers, many without even work permits, getting exploited in a cruel manner. I have asked the Chief Minister, S.M.Krishna, to help in rehabilitating them here; many of them can earn a decent living with a little help... I want to caution those lured by agents promising them lucrative jobs in the Middle East; make sure you will get what you are promised or just don't go.'' Sunny has almost single-handed compiled a Gulf Who's Who and edits the Gulf Asia Magazine.

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