Babies' show all the way

Chubby cheeks, dimpled chin Rosy lips, teeth within

Curly hair, very fair, Eyes are blue, lovely two

Mother's pet, is that you ...

IT WAS the babies' day out, literally. Attired in their Sunday best, the little ones trooped in or rather made a dazzling entry on their mothers' arms. Their winsome smiles and charming looks lit up the place, setting hearts aflutter. Cute, lovely babes - 65 in all - cast a magical spell that lasted long after they left the place.

There's only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it. That's what one felt as a large number of parents turned up with their kids to enrol them in the Healthy Baby contest held at the Hope Children's Hospital. Perhaps the judges too faced the same dilemma. Mayor, T. Krishna Reddy, inaugurated the show, which was cosponsored by Red Cross Society and Perfection.

The little guys and gals presented a breathtaking sight. One was calm, one vivacious, the other playful and sprightly - all lost in their own world of innocence. The paediatricians, Omer Farooq, Ravi Shanker, Rajneesh, Anil Tiwari and Shakeela Naidu, however, had different parameters to judge the babies. They examined the height and weight of the baby in respect to their age. They also looked into hygienic aspect and checked whether the babies were properly vaccinated.

For the parents it seemed an interminable wait as their kids were weighed and measured. The verdict was finally out amid much jubilation and clapping. Six-month-old Saatvik Gupta bagged the healthy baby title among boys and five-month-old Ishika Agarwal among girls. The first runner-up in the boys category was Dhruv Pippi and second runner-up Akash Reddy. Among the girls category it was Kushi R. Dhrod and Ayushi.

The winners will be presented awards at a function on November 16 at Sri Satyasai Nigamagamam. But on Sunday they walked off with complimentary gifts.

By Ifthekhar J S

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