Award winning serial on ethics and morality

Multiple award winner `The Shield' premieres on AXN.

Multiple award winner `The Shield' premieres on AXN.  

CONTINUING WITH its endeavour to provide the thrill and nerve-edge drama that has come to be identified with the channel, AXN is now ready with another award winning show "The Shield" which has been consistently scoring top ratings in the U.S and is currently a hot favourite with the television audience in that country.

Starring Michael Chiklis, C.C.H Pounder and Benito Martinez, the series revolves round a bizarre concept of morality and ethics. In the tough morally ambiguous world of a Los Angeles inner city precinct, the line between good and bad is often blurred as a group of corrupt cops play by their own rules to keep the streets safe and their own self-interests intact.

Conceived and produced by Shawn Ryan, the creator of blockbuster series like "Angel" and "Nash Bridges", "The Shield" is the story of twisted road to justice. It makes no bones with its portrayal of corruption among the ranks, where the ends justify the means, and dirty cops resort to ruthless underhand methods as a pragmatic attempt of keeping crime at bay.

Says Rohit Bhandari, Assistant Vice-President, Sales and Marketing, AXN, "We are dedicated to bringing to viewers the best in action, adventure and entertainment all year round. "The Shield" will enrich our repertoire of quality shows and add to our offering of a potent mix of action, reality and irreverence, which when put together, gives an electrifying buzz, and nothing less than the best that television has to offer for our viewers in India."

The protagonist in "The Shield" is Vic Mackey, who is a hard-bitten, tough street cop brilliant essayed by Michael Chiklis. Vic heads the Strike Team and the plot brings out how he and his cohorts vacillate between right and wrong showcasing intense fluctuations in moral perspectives. However, Mackey is a cop with friends in all the right places and as the Captain discovers, not an easy foe, especially as he is the reason for the falling crime rate of the Los Angeles precinct.

The series has already garnered many awards in the U.S, including the Golden Globe Award for the best television series in the drama category. As for Michael Chiklis, he has received the Emmy Award for the outstanding lead actor in a drama series. "The Shield" will premiere on AXN channel on November 2 at 10 p.m with two episodes every Sunday back to back.

By Kannan K

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