Authentic fry!

Fried, deep-fried and fried to the bottom. The taste really lies there -- in the dark brown colour and where the spices touch every part of the piece.

And the bite is succulent, creating a whole new experience for the palate. No wonder, Indians just feast on fried food.

When it comes to Andhra food, "Vepudu'' (frying) is an integral part of the cuisine. The sheer variety the people have here made Andhra kitchens a place to check out.

But people seem to have forgotten the art and taste of "fried dishes'' in the milieu health food.

Here is a festival, which brings all those tasty dishes of grandmas.

Rasavati, the multi-cuisine restaurant at Himyathnagar, has come out with the unique "Vepudu Festival'', wherein 33 dishes chosen from the mouth watering Andhra cuisine are being served.

The concentration is on frying the dishes to give it a fascinating colour and a delicious taste.

The variety is mind boggling, as the dishes are prepared from mutton, chicken, fish and prawns.

Some dishes, which the gourmet cannot miss, include `Allam Kodi', `Velluli Kodi', `Yerra Mirapakaya Kodi', `Pachi Mirapakaya Mamsam', `Nalla Miriyala Mamsam', `Royyala Vepudu', `Korameenam Vepudu' and `Vanjaram Vepudu'.

"Some of these dishes are exclusive to Rasavati and cannot be found anywhere else,'' says Sattiraju Phani, managing director of the restaurant.

Coinciding with the festival, the restaurant is serving a special Andhra Thali that gives an experience to take home.

The Thali comprises 23 ethnic coastal Andhra items. Of course, variety of pickles and powders add taste to the meal. It comes for just Rs. 55.

So, forget the additional calories for a day and just dig into the true Andhra delicacies.

The festival ends on December 1. The restaurant is in the lane opposite to Hotel Minerva.

By Ravikanth Reddy R.

Photo: Mohd. Yousuf