Anti-war books

EVEN AS the Iraq war eases out, unleashing a much larger trail of destruction in its wake, the city is receiving more weapons to its anti-war campaigns. Latest to hit the city's bookstores is Michael Moore's `Stupid White Men', which has had an unprecedented success as No.1 on the New York Times Bestseller list.

Mike Moore of Standingup- Against-Bush-at-Oscar- Ceremony fame indeed. The man who went up on stage to collect an Oscar for his documentary `Bowling for Columbine' and had the courage to say as he held the statuette, "Shame on you, Mr. Bush, shame on you". The award-winning documentary itself was a sharp comment on the nature of violence embedded in the American culture. `Stupid White Men', will wear its colourful jacket for Chennai and be its scathing best against `a ne'er do well rich boy and his elderly henchmen'. No prizes for getting that one right.

The war might be over, this war, but as Moore says, "Now more than ever the voices of peace and truth should be heard." `Stupid White Men', incidentally is merely the abbreviated form of the book's title.

Though the first three words say it all, the book, priced at Rs. 671, also finds `Other Sorry Excuses for the state of the nation'.

Mike Moore's website ( gives a fresh perspective on how cerebral Americans think.

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