Answers for the troubled mind

WHERE HAS the humanness gone? We are rushing from one goalpost to another; fulfilling dreams, achieving success, but our minds are fraught with dissatisfaction. In the humdrum of daily life, where is nourishment for the soul?

Man is a bundle of emotions and for him to rise to a level of higher consciousness, he needs to look deeper within himself to find answers to: Why do people behave the way they do? What governs our action? What are good decisions?

The Bhagvad Gita - Interactive, an eight-session ISKCON programme, will highlight timeless principles of peace and tranquility (a changeless core) in the midst of a changing world.

It is going to be an interactive programme with multimedia presentations, Q&A sessions and skits starting from April 1.

For details, contact 98940 16108.

By PSN in Coimbatore

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