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Striking a right chord.

Striking a right chord.  

MADURAI HAS produced doyens of Carnatic music such as Madurai Mani, Madurai Somu, T.N. Seshagopalan and many others.

But now, David, a music composer for advertisements, is opening a school called Sound Craft to teach Western classical music at the Tamil Nadu Theological Seminary in the city.

"Opening a school of this kind is a long time dream of mine", says David, principal of the school.

The school, which will be inaugurated on October 27, will function at the Decennium block of the TTS.

"For the first three days, the school is planning to organise a demonstration session about the courses and details about the institution. Registrations will also be accepted during these three days", says Mr. David.

"Classes will be conducted from Grade I to VIII here. On completion of Grade VIII, the candidates will become eligible to work as instructors in international music schools", he says, adding, "all study materials and instruments such as piano, guitar, key board and violin will be provided by the school".

Experts such as Christopher Sherwood, choir director of American College, and Augustine, registered teacher, Trinity College of Music, London, (TCL) would come here to train the students.

Daniel, a sound engineer in the studio of Harris Jayaraj, film music director, would be a visiting lecturer.

"Though we are permitted to send 40 students for the examinations to be held in Chennai, we have restricted the number to 25, to ensure quality in teaching and give individual attention to students. Tests will be conducted by the representatives at the Chennai centre of the TCL, and certificates will be issued directly by the London institution."

The students, up to grade V, will be subjected to tests in four disciplines viz., aural, sight and reading, practical, and scales. The performance of the school will be monitored for sometime and licence will be issued to the school to function as a direct branch of the TCL. The working schedule of the school will be from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. "However, the timings of classes can be tailored to meet the convenience of the students." The institute will also conduct short-term courses in guitar, piano, etc.

The students will be issued identity cards. For those who want to make their foray into the realm of music, the Sound Craft could be the ideal institute. For details contact the cell phone number: 3125608.

From Aravindan M R

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