An encounter not to be missed

Don't make him mad: Bradshaw, the Texan

Don't make him mad: Bradshaw, the Texan  

DEFINITELY NOT meant for the weak-hearted, or for those who like mushy romances -- this is a man's world. Only meant for those who don't get enough of `dishoom dishoom' in Hindi films and want to get close to a `real' fight. This is a chance like no other as all the wrestling excitement comes to the Capital.

A rare opportunity to see the toughest wrestlers in the world, and this time no one will fight to change the channel. And there is "no mercy'' as the World Wrestling Entertainment Raw tours India. Their first tour of India in the past six years, the wrestling mania kicks off in New Delhi on November 21. The wrestlers shall then thrill audiences in Mumbai and finish off in the garden city of Bangalore. Featuring the biggest names in the WWE line-up including Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Gold Dust and HHH. There is also Bradshaw, the tough Texan who comes with a warning - "Don't make him mad''. Complete with his own set of finishing moves "Clothesline from Hell''. This is a world of wrestling with its own rules and its unique lingo.

By Mandira Nayar

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