An eligible groom at 83

Getting `married' can be fun, even when one is 80 years old.  

IT WAS a hastily arranged `marriage'. The groom was 83, and the bride a mite younger. First the groom garlanded the bride and then bent a little so that she could reach up to garland him. The `Shiva-Parvathi Kalyanam' was over. However, even as the amused bride look on, the groom- music director, V. Dakshinamoorthi, found it a bit difficult to keep the heavy garland on.

When Dakshinamoorthi came with his wife Kalyani, the couple were received with a `poorna kumbham'. Bedecked with `malas' of `Rudraksham' Dakshinamoorthi then came on stage with his trademark `namaste'.

It was after the welcome speech that the organisers suddenly sprang the `marriage' on Dakshinamoorthi, much to the amusement of the gathering, who enthusiastically applauded the `match- making' efforts of the organisers. The couple were also honoured with `ponnada' presented to them by members of the Sabha. Then, it was time to present the Sabha's `mangala pathram' to `Swami'. The citation listed the by-now-familiar milestones in the film-career of `Swami'. The representatives of the Vaideeka Sabha also presented a memento to Dakshinamoorthi.

What better offering to a music director, than a `naadarchana'? The musical offerings commenced - perhaps in keeping with the mood of the marriage that had just taken place - with a Sabha member rendering the ever green Dakshinamoorthi hit `Hridaya Sarasile, Pranaya Pushpame, Iniyum Nin Katha Parayoo...' from the equally famous movie `Lottery Ticket'. Even as the song was being sung, the veteran music director, sat as if in a transport reliving the creation of this song.

Even before this reception programme had ended, one of those delivering a felicitation speech invited `Swami' over to the ongoing `Bhagavatha Sathram' so that he could be felicitated there too. As usual, `Swami's' reply to all invitations, felicitations and praise was a heartfelt, `namaste'.

By Mahadevan G.

Photo: K. G. Santhosh