An artisan affair

Exquisite fare in wood.

Exquisite fare in wood.  

Indigenous handicraft items are the cynosure of all eyes at the ongoing handicrafts exhibition, "Surabhi'' at the VJT hall organised by the State Handicrafts Apex Cooperative Society.

A miniature model of the "Kumarakom rice-boat'' in which the Prime Minister, A. B. Vajpayee, travelled during his visit to Kumarakom is there. Priced at Rs. 245, the model is made from cedar and embellished with polished brass.

Models of traditional artefacts such as the "chellappetti'', "Nirapara'' and jewel-boxes made of teak as well as sandal wood idols of deities are also among the highlights.

Cups, saucers, spoons, mugs, lamp-shades and other fancy items made of coconut-shell by craftsmen from Ambasamudram in Tamil Nadu as well as non-stick candle stands made of wrought iron are other attractions at the fair. Articles without joints as well as a miniature globe made of glass are curios here.

The four feet high brass statue of Ganesa and Deepalaksmi as well as that of "Narthana ganapathi'' in which Ganesa is seen standing on top of a five headed snake are priced Rs. 14,000 each.

An array of pearls from Hyderabad priced Rs. 40 onwards for a gram as well as the Australian crystal garlands priced Rs. 200 each are also among the attractions here. While the colour of Australian crystals do not fade, the Jaico variety which looses its colour after a few years is priced Rs. 100. The "spatika'' idols and garlands which are considered as a symbol of prosperity are available at Rs. 45 per gram.

Acupressure treatment aids such as balls, dumb-bells and small cubes made of wood, believed to help improve blood circulation, are on offer for prices ranging from Rs. 20 onwards.

Screwpine fibres transform themselves into attractive gift- boxes. There is a set of four round and square shaped boxes with white satin lining inside.

Ethnic North Indian dress material and readymades such as "laacha'', "chole'', churidhars and sarees with embroidery and Lucknowi chikan work as well as those with glass work ranging from Rs. 400 onwards.

The fair is on till January 11. A discount of 20 per cent is being offered.

By Hari Sundar G

Photo: S. Mahinsha

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