All that we care about is the Habba

KANNADA PLAYS seem to be an integral part of Bangalore Habba. "Lanchavataara", the play that brought fame to Master Hirannaiah, a great theatre artist, and "Kanooru Heggadathi", a play written by Kuvempu, were performed at the Town Hall and Chitrakala Parishat, respectively. The Town Hall was crowded and one could see people vie with each other for passes. The organisers said about 700 passes were issued based on the seats available. "But you cannot stop those who want to watch the play. So every one with or without a pass will be let in. But only the pass holders will be given seats," said T. Prabhakar, one of the organisers.

People of all age groups could be seen among the audience. Deepak, who had come all the way from Malleswaram to watch Master Hirannaiah's play, said, "I am a great fan of Hirannaiah. I have seen many plays of his. The way he presents the theme is really unique. I would do anything to watch his play."

Shantala from Bannerghatta Road said, "How does it matter whether the artistes are Kannadigas or outsiders? All we need to do is promote art and the artistes. I don't think having multi-national companies as sponsors for the Habba does matter in anyway. It is true that local artists have to be recognised. But I am totally for celebrating Bangalore Habba," she said when asked about the protests against the Habba.

The Chitrakala Parishat appeared much more calmer as the play was being held in the garden. Nearly 500 people had come to watch Kuvempu's classic, directed by Ramamurthy.

Sashidhar from Banashankari said, "We are all happy about the festival being held in the city. I suggest this should be held every year as this may come to be identified with the State itself. Having such a festival is a novel idea. All that we care about is the cultural events that have been scheduled for this Habba."

By Raghava M.

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