Aiming for a record

High goals

High goals  

FIVE VISUALLY challenged boys are undergoing a 10-day training in swimming at the Life Spring Club near Hindusthan College of Arts and Science.

"We joined out of our own interest," these boys say. "Initially we were scared for we were unable to fathom the depth. But now we are slowly coping with it," they add.

The coaches are confident that these boys would pick up soon. Ramesh A. Nichani, who is supporting the cause, says the venture is the first of its kind in Tamil Nadu.

The endeavour is assisted by the Cheran Region Christian Society for Disabled Children as a part of their programme on integrated education for the disabled (IED). There are about 280 visually challenged students under the IED programme and they are being trained in batches.

"Even if we are unable to help others, we can at least save ourselves," says N. Karthik who has to cross a river everyday to reach his place Kodiveri. "This is more of a challenge for us. We love to learn it," says R. Easwaramurthy.

By Vidyashree Amaresh

Photo: K. Ananthan

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