Aiding artistically

Saying it with greetings

Saying it with greetings  

YOU MAY consider surviving a serious accident unscathed, as a consequence of divine intervention.

But then there are always exceptions. What if the victim has to live with some form of disability for the rest of his life?

Apart from the psychological impact, other factors such as financial security and self-dependency, suddenly become issues that demand immediate attention of the victim and his family.

The Society for the Aid of Handicapped and the Infirm (SAHAI) is involved in rehabilitating paraplegic patients suffering from spinal injuries, and in need of sustained emotional and medical care.

By sending a SAHAI greeting card to dear ones along with blessings and goodwill, you also indirectly help a less fortunate being in our society.

The speciality of these cards is the variety of paintings adorning its covers, the works of eminent artists.

Available at affordable rates, the prices are fixed according to slab rates, in proportion to the number of cards you order. For further details contact: 2319127.

By Vidyashree Amaresh

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