Advertising evil

The suicide rate is increasing at an incredible rate in Kerala. In the past, it was the economically weaker sections that were prone to suicide. There are many reasons such as poverty, unemployment, dowry, mental disorders and fatal diseases. But, now it is mainly due to financial problems. Many of them belong to the upper class.

Exhibitionism and conformity have a major role to play in suicide cases. It is mainly the impact of advertisements. Now, the market decides what people should eat, drink and dress, and the forms of recreation. People fall into the trap, irrespective of their financial situation. This can be avoided by restricting blatant and misleading advertising in the media.

Dowry and luxurious expenditure for weddings lead many families to suicide.

Even though there are laws against these practices, they are not implemented effectively.

Strict and efficient implementation of laws on dowry and a restriction on marriage expenses can help fight the suicide menace.

Punthalathazham Babu Thiruvananthapuram

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