Adding lustre to the festival of lights

DEEPAVALI HAS brought to light the enterprising spirit of the people of Udupi district. The "Gududeepa" (traditional lamp) can be seen in most parts of Udupi city adding beauty to the festival of lights. "Gududeepas" of all sizes catch one's eye for their beauty and the ingenuity that goes into their making.

As one passes by the busy K.M. Marg in the heart of Udupi city, one can see a big "Gududeepa'' (traditional lamp) about 36-ft. high installed by the district unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Whether the BJP wants to greet the people on the occasion or wants to a send political message with the greeting is another issue.

The "Namma Tuluvera" organisation has come up with a big earthen lamp at Maruti Vethika in the city.

This lamp holds 125 litres of oil. A "Gududeepa" installed at Katapady is nearly 30 ft. high. What adds beauty to this "Gududeepa" is the use of six tubelights and one halogen lamp in it. "Banna", a cultural organisation, even conducted a competition-cum-exhibition of "Gududeepas". The traditional lamps in this competition had to be those made by the participants and not purchased in the market. The "Gududeepas" have brought not just light but also added colour to the spiritual aura of the city.

By Ganesh Prabhu in Udupi

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