Accept reality

Doing harm to anyone, including oneself, is a crime legally and a sin in moral parlance. The people of Kerala generally live up to the legal and moral standards. But, not so in the case of suicide. Education, which is the lifeline of society, seems to have stagnated at certain impervious points.

Suicide is normally the result of frustration. There are two ways to overcome this problem: curtail your plans and dreams to the available means at your disposal. Surviving financial problems requires a sound mind and hard work. But a weak mind recommends an easier and escapist option - suicide.

Another factor causing suicidal tendency is the refusal to speak out one's mind. There is no harm in knocking at doors. Even if there is no help forthcoming, a consoling word may make all the difference. Frustrations emanate from the absence of outlets.

Kallidai K. Amanullah Kollam

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