A world full of colours

K. Mohan Varma has overcome his handicap of being hearing-impaired with paint.  

There is no sound or fury in his life, nor is there any speech; but his world is full of colours, colours of nature, in all their splendour and magnificence. For K. Mohan Varma, the handicap of being hearing-impaired seems to have been well overcome with his easel and paint. In his world of silence, he speaks through colours and strokes.

An exhibition of Mohan Varma's paintings, now on at the Museum Art Gallery here, well vouches for his mastery with the brush. There are 60 works of art, in watercolour, oil and acrylic, besides a few collages on display at the first solo exhibition of his works. However, his most favourite medium is acrylic, says his son Anoop Kumar, who acts as his interpreter.

The `Horses and Sun' in collage, `Ganapathy' in the medium of oil and innumerable landscapes in acrylic and oil, not only bring forth his talents but also speak volumes of his understanding of different media and their usage. His most impressive works have been done with paper collages.

His wife Meera Devi is also a hearing-impaired. She is a teacher in the School for the Deaf and Dumb at Jagathy in Thiruvananthapuram. Mohan Varma is an inspiring example of an artist overcoming obstacles, right from birth, to express his thoughts through the medium of art.

By J. Ajith Kumar

Photo: C. Ratheesh Kumar