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IF YOU are seriously vision-impaired or are unable to read normal print because of an orthopaedic problem or learning disability such as dyslexia, how do you find out if a given book is available in an alternate medium such as Braille, talking book or electronic text? If you are certified as visually-disabled, where do you go to find out about concessions and services to which you are entitled? And in case you have had an accident and have suffered sudden loss of sight, where do you turn for expert medical help?

These and many such questions are answered by visiting Shruti Information Centre's new website put together by Prof. Vinod Sena after seven years of labour. A site dedicated to the blind and those unable to read normal print, it provides data until now unavailable from any single Indian source about reading materials in accessible format and information on a wide range of subjects and services crucial to the visually-challenged. The website has three major divisions. The first covers text resources and provides a catalogue for audio books produced in India. It also gives full information on Braille publishing in India and will in due course provide a union catalogue for Braille materials. There is a whole section devoted to electronic texts and also a listing of Braille and audio magazines from India as also special media magazines in English published outside India.

The second division covers information resources and provides data on a wide range of subjects such as concessions and opportunities, schools for the blind (in India, the U.K. and the U.S.), museums for the blind, Indian and foreign organisations of relevant, to the blind. There is a full section on medical resources listing eye hospitals, eye banks and low-vision clinics. The third division of the website constitutes two online quarterly magazines : Shruti Magazine for adults and Shruti Junior for young readers. Each number, in the case of the first will carry news relevant for the visually-challenged and will focus on one or more issues of moment in the visual-disability field. Shruti Junior will include stories and features for children

By Our Staff Reporter

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