A visual treat on the cards

FOR THE connoisseurs of art and social films, the weekend ahead is going to be one heck of an entertainment.

Realism will be showcased in full glow for three days at the serene campus of the Centre for Experiencing Socio Cultural Interaction (CESCI) at Kadavur, near Madurai, from December 6.

The fifth `Madurai Film Festival - 2002' will screen 25 documentaries and short films of the directors of an international repute from Anand Patwardhan to Gopal Menon.

The rare opportunity, provided jointly by `Marupakkam,' Third Eye Communications, CESCI and Pedestrian Pictures, will screen the best from 14 directors who, apart from Gopal Menon and Anand Patwardhan, include Amar Kanwar, Madhushree Dutta, Leena Manimeghalai, Manilal, Rajini Mani, R.R.Srinivasan, A.Muthukrishnan, Vipin Vijay, Sarath Chandran, K.P.Sasi, Surabi Sharma and Paromitha Vora. The festival will also screen some of the rare and short feature of Charlie Chaplin. These films primarily focus on the socio, political and cultural aspects of the society. The ravages of war, terrorism, repression and other related issues are portrayed in some of these films. The short films such as Gopal Menon's `Enforced Disappearances' and Pankaj Rishi Kumar's `The Play is on' will illustrate the trauma and turmoil a society undergoes when there is violence.

The `pangs of a migrant worker' by Yashmin Kabir and the intricacies related to childbirth in `Born at home,' by Sameera Jain are some of the short films that will catch the attention. And, of course, the epic portrayal of `Jung aur Aman' by Anand Patwardhan will remain a fascinating film to discuss and debate.

By Ilangovan R.

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