A treat for film buffs

IF YOU are a film buff, then walk in to Sree Theatre and see what the fuss about Arun Khopkar is all about on Sunday at 9.30 a.m.

Four award-winning short films will be screened: `Figures of Thought' dealing with the life and work of three contemporary Indian painters, Bhupen Khakkar, Nalini Malani and Vivan Sundaram.

The film offers a creative interpretation of the painters' images through the language of cinema, exploring varied textures, the nature of brush stroke and line and the layers of colouring.

`Sanchari' deals with the artistic life of danseuse Leela Samson. The film takes you through the sombre atmosphere of the classroom to the hushed tension of the green room.

`Colours of Absence', a 30-minute documentary, evokes the nature and quality of Jehangir Sabavala's life and work through words, photographs and images dissolving into each other over the canvases.

The artist speaks his ideas and animated lines trace his work.

`Narayan Gangaram Surve' gets into the life of the famous Marathi poet and the landmark events of his life and a number of his outstanding poems.

The film opens with a poignant scene, which depicts how his mother abandons him at the gate of a mill.

Khopkar, who has a diploma in film direction from FTII in 1974, has won critical acclaim for his unconventional style of filmmaking.

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