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Stuff for bibliophiles

Stuff for bibliophiles  

The ongoing book fair organised by DC Books at the VJT Hall sports a judicious combination of titles in Malayalam and English, with just that bit of an accent on non-fiction works.

DC prides on its upcoming English-English-Malayalam dictionary. This four-volume dictionary that has drawn praise from litterateurs, is priced at Rs. 950 as a pre-publication offer.

You come across a variety of other dictionaries on display - something that may prove irresistible to a lover of language and words. While one whole aisle of the exhibition, near the entrance, has been devoted to Malayalam books, the central display table sports works in English.

The works of the late Vayalar Rama Varma, poems of ONV, short stories penned by the literary luminaries of Kerala... a lover of Malayalam literature would find ample reasons for spending hours at the fair.

The fair has on offer some really interesting books about, and by the late mystic Osho, both in English and in Malayalam. Among these is one in which Osho has spoken on Communism and Zen!

Strategically placed oversize editions of books - illustrated and otherwise - on Yoga also capture your attention. However, there is every chance of you getting a crick on your back, trying to make out the titles placed on the table.

A good collection of books on Information Technology is yet another attraction. Also present in strength are storybooks and colourful encyclopaedia for children. If you happen to glance up from your browsing, you also would not miss the banner that tells you that you can get the Encyclopaedia Britannica for `only' Rs. 49,000 plus.

You could also browse past some of the learning-aid cassettes that have been displayed.

The fair also offers you some discount on the normal selling price of DC titles. The fair will conclude on Sunday.

By G. Mahadevan

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