A shop for pets

PAMPERED PETS can look forward to some more treats with speciality pet shops coming up in different parts of the city. One such is Glenands, the exclusive pet store that has opened a branch in Indiranagar on 17th F Cross, 2nd stage.

This store, like many other pet shops, caters to the needs of birds and fish. Dogs with a sweet tooth can fulfil their wish through chocolate milk drops which are safe as they contain minimal amount of cocoa which vets say is harmful to dogs.

Owners of pets don't have to go through the heartache of leaving their pets in various kennels while going out of town. Stores offer transport cages that are available for breeds of different sizes, the price ranging from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 18,000.

The latest on pet shop shelves is "Stop Chew", a product that curtails naughty pups from destroying their owners' footwear, furniture and books, "Get Off" is yet another innovative creation that keeps your dogs off your garden. Scratch pads are available for cats, which scratch their way through most things. A variety of brushes are available which get rid of fleas and knots. Ultrasonic whistles with a range of 2 km can be used for dogs that work in estates and farms.

Fido Cologne is the latest product to make your dog smell like a superstar. Dabur has launched an ayurvedic range for owners who are conscious of chemicals that are found in other medicines. Prithvi Jaykaran, owner of Glenands, says: "They are well tested and effective".

Step into one of these upmarket pet shops and you will never again exclaim "it's a dog's day" next summer. Dogs of the pampered household variety never had it so good.

By K.S.